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Blog posts from May 2008

Authentically Real

Submitted by Kate Sheehan on May 30, 2008 - 8:07am

Stick a microphone in front of a famous person--a makeover victim, a home owner aspiring to an increased selling price, or a washed-up celebrity looking to reclaim former greatness (if only in his own mind)--and it seems they will all invariably announce their concern with “keeping it real.” My (almost) daily ritual of imitating outdoor activity on a machine plugged into the wall of a window-deficient warehouse while watching talking heads has proved to be an education in our cultural obsession with authenticity.

Library culture is not national culture. Libraries keep things real by not being imaginary, and authenticity is not something that is consciously pursued. Library culture has typically been focused on perfection and the willingness to spend time getting there.

But as our resources and users move online, can we afford to ignore the culture of the Internet? The web, moving faster than perfection, has handed everyone a megaphone and authenticity is online currency. Read More »

Endless Possibilities: An ALA TechSource Conversation with Cliff Landis

Submitted by Michael Stephens on May 29, 2008 - 2:39pm

Ah! Summer break. It’s nice to have some time to breathe and energize. My eyes fall on the stack of fiction and just-for-fun reading that awaits me these next few weeks. I must confess, however, that my thoughts also return to teaching and prep for next semester. I’ve already started work on integrating Drupal into my courses, working with my graduate assistant Kyle Jones, a TTW Contributor and blogger in his own right. Read More »

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Document Creation software

Submitted by Jason Griffey on May 17, 2008 - 3:59pm

I'd like to talk about a style of software that everyone in libraries is definitely familiar with--the massive interconnected hunk of software that does everything. In libraries, that could be the ILS, but what I'm going to talk about today is something that almost everyone is familiar with: the Microsoft Office suite. In fact, let's just take a single piece of the suite: Microsoft Word. Word is easily the most popular word processing program in the US. But as we know from reality television, popular does not always equal good. Is Word the best at performing a specific function? Pick any single writing assignment or a single piece of functionality from Word. Can you think of a way to do it better, or do it differently that makes more sense for your workflow? What if you could swap out just that one activity for a piece that makes it better? Read More »

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Register for GLLS2008!

Submitted by Jenny Levine on May 13, 2008 - 9:01pm

Registration for the 2008 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium is now open! Last year we sold out at 300, and this year we expect the 350 spots to go quickly, so we encourage you to sign up early.

Call for Presenters for GLLS2008!

Submitted by Jenny Levine on May 7, 2008 - 5:48pm

We're in full swing for planning the second annual ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium, which will take place on November 2-4, 2008, in Oak Brook, IL (a western suburb of Chicago).

There's some preliminary information on the site about registration, the location, and keynote speakers, but we've also just posted the official Call for Presenters. If your library is doing something innovative with gaming, if you're doing research around gaming and libraries, or if you have ideas to propose and share, please submit a proposal. We want to offer another great program chock full o'the best sessions, and that could include you!

The deadline for submitting your proposal is June 15, 2008, and we'll respond by July 1. Help us make GLLS2008 even better than last year's event! Read More »