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Michelle Boule's Posts

Building a Better Beta

Submitted by Michelle Boule on September 8, 2006 - 8:28pm

Every day companies are coming out with new tools to reach their users on the Web. Many companies have learned that rolling out products before they are completely formed—in beta or even in alpha mode—can save them development time and money. By giving their customers an early look at a product, companies are empowering customers to use the tool in new ways and are providing them with an opportunity to ask the company for functionality that product developers may never have considered.

Companies in Beta
Meebo, a robust, widely used instant-messaging (IM) service is still in an alpha phase. Meebo allows users to sign into more than one IM account with more than one IM provider at the same time, so all of a user's accounts appear together on the same screen. For people in restrictive IT environments, there are no downloads when using Meebo.
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A Compelling Committee (or The Story of UHLSDSC)

Submitted by Michelle Boule on August 3, 2006 - 10:42am

We will anticipate and respond to the ways our users find, create, and share knowledge, and we will be fully integrated into the personalized library experience for each user and welcoming spaces for collaboration and discovery.

On campus and online, we will be a valued partner in the academic life of our students, faculty, and community. Read More »

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