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Audio from GLLS2007: Growing a Gaming Group and How'd They Do That?

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 20, 2007 - 4:22pm

By Amy Alessio, Joe Torres, Kelly Laszczak, Eric Currie, Alex Tyle
Presented July 23, 2007

Amy Alessio and Joe Torres demonstrate Guitar Hero Growing a Gaming Group: "Create a Gaming Advisory Board at your school or public library. Presenters will demonstrate equipment used on a variety of platforms, and outline activities used with a monthly gaming group. Work with a Gaming Group to revolutionize your digital collections, online presence, programming for younger gamers and more.” More info....
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Audio from GLLS2007: Getting Gaming on the Table, In the Conversation and Running at Locations

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 20, 2007 - 4:10pm

By Julie Scordato
Presented July 23, 2007

Julie Scordato talks about implementing gaming at Columbus Public Library "How do you get a library from 'Surely you can't mean video games at my library?' to, “When am I getting video games at my library!”

In December 2006, the Columbus Metropolitan Library Board of Trustees approved a budget of $25,000 to bring gaming equipment to each of its 21 locations as a major teen services programming initiative. This presentation will look at how we went from sending two librarians to the Chicago MLS gaming symposium in December 2005 to unrolling gaming system wide for Teen Tech Week 2007.
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Audio from GLLS2007: Gaming in Academic Libraries: The Why and How

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 20, 2007 - 3:58pm

By H. David "Giz" Womack, Lynn S. Sutton, and Lori O. Critz
Presented July 23, 2007
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Audio from GLLS2007: Building a Gaming Community and a Game Friendly Environment

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 20, 2007 - 3:53pm

By Donald Dennis
Presented July 23, 2007

Don Dennis talks about building a gaming community "Game environments for traditional and modern board games, card games, RPGs, or even electronic games are not the traditional domain of libraries. Games are, by and large, an interactive activity. Formal and informal communities have developed around board games, card games, RPGs (role playing games), or even electronic games.
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Audio from GLLS2007: Book Making in Second Life

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 20, 2007 - 3:44pm

By Jami Schwarzwalder
Presented July 23, 2007

Jami Schwarzwalder talks about how to make books in Second Life "In Second Life, Schwarzwalder has taught classes on how to create items for interactive display. Here she will show the audience how to make a prim book using the same instructions she gives for in world." More info....

Listen to an MP3 audio file of this session (35MB, 38:09)
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Audio of Greg Trefry's Keynote from GLLS2007

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 17, 2007 - 3:40pm

Greg Trefry gets ready for his Tuesday morning keynote Game designer Gregory Trefry opened the last day of the Symposium by waking everyone up to the incredible opportunities that "big games" can provide for libraries. Titled Big Fun, Big Learning: Transforming the World through Play, this session expanded a lot of peoples' minds about how we define gaming and libraries.

Listen to an MP3 audio file of this session
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Audio of Eli Neiburger's Featured Presentation from GLLS2007

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 17, 2007 - 2:36pm

ALA Editions author and gaming hero Eli Neiburger On July 22, 2007, Eli Neiburger closed the first day of presentations by sharing the emotional and social impact the Ann Arbor District Library's gaming tournaments have had on teens, parents, families, and even 78-year old military veterans. The Payoff, Up Close and Personal, included some powerful video of the participants themselves, and then Eli thrilled the crowd by announcing the GT System.

Listen to an MP3 audio file of the session (67MB, 1:11:58)

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Audio of Scott Nicholson's Featured Presentation from GLLS2007

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 17, 2007 - 2:15pm

Scott Nicholson unveils his study of gaming in libraries On Sunday, July 22, 2007, Scott Nicholson from the Information Institute of Syracuse helped open the Symposium by presenting a session titled Who Else Is Playing? The Current State of Gaming in Libraries. His findings constitute the first real research our profession has regarding the reach of gaming in libraries today. Plus, Scott got to give everyone in the audience a free game of Wits & Wagers, so there was a lot of fun mixed in with the statistics.
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Audio of James Paul Gee's Keynote from GLLS2007

Submitted by Jenny Levine on August 16, 2007 - 2:36pm

James Paul Gee's day two keynote Noted scholar James Paul Gee opened the second day of the 2007 TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium with a fascinating discussion about Libraries, Gaming, and the New Equity Crisis and where librarians fit into the solution.

Listen to an MP3 of the session (58MB, 1:01:39) or view a PDF of Dr. Gee's slides.
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My Three Die

Submitted by Tom Peters on August 11, 2007 - 10:20pm

The dog days of August 2007 may be remembered as that magic moment when librarianship as practiced in Second Life finally received permission to dine at the adults' table. 

On August 3rd the Library of Congress announced a new initiative -- Preserving Creative America.  They made eight grant awards totally $2.15 million " address the long-term preservation of creative content in digital form."  The creative content being targeted includes the usual suspects, such as digitally created motion pictures, digital music, and digital photographs, but it also includes comic strips (Doonesbury) and editorial cartoons (Pat Oliphant) -- which I assume were not born digital, but perhaps I'm just revealing my quaint, old-fashioned notions of how cartoons are drawn these days.  Read More »