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Posts by Teresa Koltzenburg

Saying 'Yes' to NO

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on May 17, 2006 - 10:14pm

A library in New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

When you come here, you're going to find libraries raising themselves up from the dust. We're down, but we're not out. We're working very diligently trying to put our libraries back on the map, back into the situation we were in before—even better than we were before. You're going to find that some of us have made more progress than others, but there will always be the spirit of hope.—Dr. Read More »

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New Blogs of Note (and More to Come)

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on April 21, 2006 - 4:30pm

Three new Biblioblogosphere-related blogs (well, actually there are five and counting) to get acquainted with over the weekend... Read More »

Read Smarter Indeed: Booklist Online Now Available

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on April 19, 2006 - 4:26pm

[UPDATE: The title has been corrected from the original publishing of this post.]

Booklist Online, as of the beginning of April, is ready for your library staff members' (and your patrons', if you so desire) perusal. To facilitate the browsing, the newly launched online version of Booklist is available via a free thirty-day trial.  
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A 'New Media' Information-Literacy Tool

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on April 13, 2006 - 5:28pm

Can we claim that there's a difference between watching television and playing a video game? or reading a book and surfing the Web? or writing a letter and writing an e-mail? or having a conversation and participating in some form of Instant Messaging? Does the mobility of telecommunications shift our everyday lives? Are we more individualized in contemporary culture than we were when people watched television in the 1960s and `70s?
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Rock On! Celebrating the Library and Learning

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on April 1, 2006 - 1:41am

Contemplating the Library

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on March 22, 2006 - 10:51pm

Change Your World @ your library, National Library Week, April 2–8, 2006

“Libraries are…" I can't finish that sentence; I can't seem to come up with an encompassing term or pithy phrase to finish it in a way that would do justice to the notion of the library, the value libraries provide to humanity, and all the library facets we encounter in the Information Age.
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The Winds of Change

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on February 22, 2006 - 6:27am

Zephyr Innovation Incubator ProgramMichael's last post provides a good segue into another nifty program offered through the Metropolitan Library System, which has offices in Burr Ridge and here in ALA-headquarter town, Chicago, IL.
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On the Road with Jenny and Michael

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on February 13, 2006 - 4:06am

Jenny explains how blogging helped the Metropolitan Library System (MLS) with information dissemination.Friday was the first date of the ‘Conversation, Community, Connection, and Collaboration: Practical, New Technologies for User-Centered Services' Road Show, and after some minor technical difficulty—which co-presenter Jenny Levine sportively referred to as ‘Technology Minus 2.0'—those of us in attendance settled in for a thought-provoking morning session.
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Karen's 'Beyond Algorithms' in Google's Newsletter for Librarians

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on February 2, 2006 - 7:16pm

If you read FRL (which I know you do), you know how busy Karen is. Considering she's the director of, I'm always amazed when I see her well-crafted work on FRL and her smiling face and seemingly unhurried composure at conferences (where she's a very sought after individual) at which I've had the pleasure of hanging out with her if only even for a few moments. There's also her work on the ALA Council (representing LITA), and as a lurker on a couple of library-related electronic lists, I know she also finds the time to weigh in on many important issues facing the library field. (And, of course, you know she contributes insightful pieces to this blog, TOO!)
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Misquote, Midwinter, and More

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on January 17, 2006 - 1:06pm

Thanks, TangognaT, for catching this misquote in Michael Stephens's and Michael Casey's latest co-authored post, "Better Library Services for More People" on this blog.

  • > Hi,

  • > Thanks for the mention in your ALA TechSource post. I think I was

  • > misquoted a little bit.... I don't think my original post contains

  • > the text "It's time for examples."

Sorry about that!

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