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The Mirth of Comeuppance

Submitted by Tom Peters on January 21, 2008 - 12:02pm

For the past 24 hours I've been chuckling to myself and at myself, ever since I read the article in yesterday's New York Times (no-cost registration required) about the popularity of cell phone novels in Japan/>/>.  Evidently, quite a few young and often first-time authors have taken to writing novels on their cell phones in a style that would make Papa Hemingway proud:  short, pithy sentences, probably influenced more by text messaging than by American expatriates in Paris/>/> Read More »

Not-So-Chilly Philly

Submitted by Tom Peters on January 17, 2008 - 12:08pm

Last weekend I made my third trip to Philadelphia/>/> to attend an ALA/> Midwinter Meeting.  The first Midwinter I attended (early 90's?) in Philly was very snowy, and the second Midwinter (2003) was extremely cold.  (I have a vivid visual memory of watching Jay Jordan stoically traverse an arctic, windswept parking lot near the Convention Center.)  The most recent Midwinter w Read More »

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Overwhelmed by Spam Comments

Submitted by Tom Peters on December 20, 2007 - 4:25pm

Time to wash the windowsIf you haven't noticed, this blog is becoming overwhelmed by spam comments.  The blogging software we currently use allows us to ban spammers and delete spam comments, but only one at a time.  Deleting all these spam comments makes washing the windows on the Empire State Building seem like child's play.

In an effort to get the spam under control, we have decided to disable the comments function on this blog.  We really regret having to do this, because the non-spam comments often are very informative and insightful and lead to good conversation. 

Now that the spam-spigot has been temporarily turned off, we will try to catch-up on deleting the existing spam comments.    Read More »

Down the Organization: Disorganized Librarianship

Submitted by Tom Peters on December 12, 2007 - 6:19am

This morning, while Max my dog and I were out for an early morning stroll, a truly cockamamie idea dawned on me.

feeding frenzyIt began as I was contemplating the recent feeding frenzy involving bloggers, reporters, and columnists over the commercial release of the Kindle ebook reader from Amazon.  A quick search in Technorati for the keywords "Amazon Kindle" pulled back over 3700 posts.  It's amazing that thousands of bloggers have commented on this device.    Read More »


Submitted by Tom Peters on November 19, 2007 - 6:52pm

Today officially announced the availability of its new portable electronic reading device and service, Kindle. The MSRP for the device is $399. The content will cost in the neighborhood of $10 per book, with newspapers and magazines priced accordingly. The highest priced Kindle book I was able to find in their catalog was Growth Strategies for Software Companies at $1,079.96--worth every penny if it produces results. Several of the available titles cost only a penny, including Confectionery Packaging Equipment. Sweeeet! Read More »

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Coming Up for Air Guitar

Submitted by Tom Peters on October 30, 2007 - 10:20am

Computer games that combine gaming with mild to intense physical exercise, such as Dance Dance Revolution and the Wii, seem to be gaining popularity both within and without libraries.  Having libraries host “rock the stacks” battles of the bands also has proven to be a popular way to lure teens into libraries. 

Read More »

Peppy le Pew and Snidely Whiplash

Submitted by Tom Peters on October 29, 2007 - 5:18pm

For the past few days I've been an early morning denizen of the Denny's restaurant at the corner of Munras and Fremont in Monterey/>, California/>/>.  It's close to my hotel and always open.  If you're an early morning person in the Midwest, you're a REALLY early morning person on the West Coast. Read More »

Banned Books Week Adds More Tech

Submitted by Tom Peters on September 21, 2007 - 10:06am

Some of my favorite books, such as Huck Finn and Of Mice and Men, are frequently challenged and banned by others.  Since 1982 ALA has organized an annual Banned Books Week (Sept. 29 through Oct. 6 this year) that encourages people to read and celebrate the freedom to read whatever one wishes.  Read More »

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Low Flying and Low Hanging MIGs

Submitted by Tom Peters on September 19, 2007 - 10:36am

Six months ago, if I had been playing a linguistic parlor game and had encountered the word MIG, my first and only thought would have been about Soviet/Russian military jets.  But now, thanks to the emergence of social networks, virtual worlds, and John Chrastka at ALA, I have been re-educated, Comrades.

MIG military jetNow my first thought whenever I hear or see the word MIG is of Member Initiative Groups.  The American Library Association has a wonderful process whereby any group of members interested in a professional topic can apply to the Committee on Organization (COO) to form a MIG.  Got ants in your pants?  See a need?  Form a MIG! Read More »

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My Three Die

Submitted by Tom Peters on August 11, 2007 - 9:20pm

The dog days of August 2007 may be remembered as that magic moment when librarianship as practiced in Second Life finally received permission to dine at the adults' table. 

On August 3rd the Library of Congress announced a new initiative -- Preserving Creative America.  They made eight grant awards totally $2.15 million " address the long-term preservation of creative content in digital form."  The creative content being targeted includes the usual suspects, such as digitally created motion pictures, digital music, and digital photographs, but it also includes comic strips (Doonesbury) and editorial cartoons (Pat Oliphant) -- which I assume were not born digital, but perhaps I'm just revealing my quaint, old-fashioned notions of how cartoons are drawn these days.  Read More »