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On the Move with the Mobile Web: Libraries and Mobile Technologies

Library Technology Reports vol. 44, no. 5 Libraries and Mobile Technologies

Imagine... Libraries are already offering amazing services through the use of the mobile Web. Imagine where we'll be in a year or two as mobile Internet adoption continues to increase and portable devices steadily improve."—LTR 44:5, p. 38
The fifth issue of Library Technology Reports this year looks to the very near future — and for some libraries "on the move with the mobile Web," it highlights libraries' mobile activities already developed for the present.

In the report, author and library-technology blogger Ellyssa Kroski outlines the components of the mobile Web — the users, devices, the operating systems, the services, the content — and illuminates the research tracking how users currently engage with information on the World Wide Web via their mobile devices. Kroski also delineates several library mobile initiatives and provides a "how to" chapter for libraries interested in developing a mobile experience for their users.

Stranger Than Fiction? Not Anymore
"Imagine walking by a movie poster for the upcoming Harry Potter film and scanning it with a click of your camera phone in order to download associated ringtones, get showtimes, or even buy tickets. How about snapping a photo while browsing through a magazine to get a free sample of a new perfume?" Kroski asks readers to ponder in chapter 1, "What Is the Mobile Web?"

"This may sound like science fiction right now, but in Japan, this type of mobile search technology is widespread, and in the United States similar services are already being developed, services that promise just this type of virtual engagement with the world around us. Think about the convenience of scanning the logo on someone's Yankees cap to instantly receive the latest score from the game. This is what's coming."

Also in "On the Move with the Mobile Web: Libraries and Mobile Technologies":

  • Library Mobile Initiatives
  • Developing a Mobile Strategy
  • Getting Started with the Mobile Web (Forums, Blogs, Web Sites, Activities)

(For a look at Apple's new iPhone 3g [the device was not on the market prior to the publication of the "On the Move with the Mobile Web: Libraries and Mobile Technologies"] by Kroski, read "A Look at the iPhone 3G.")

About the Author
Ellyssa Kroski is a reference librarian most recently at Columbia University as well as an independent information consultant and international conference speaker. She is an adjunct faculty member at her alma mater, Long Island University's Palmer School of Library Science, as well as at Pratt Institute and San Jose State University, where she teaches LIS students about new and emerging Web technologies. Ellyssa has worked with Information and Internet technologies since the mid-90s.

Ellyssa is a published author and has written about emerging technologies and their applications in libraries for major library publications and scholarly journals. Her book Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information Professional was published in February 2008. Ellyssa teaches professional development workshops and provides technology instruction throughout the country. She blogs at iLibrarian and InfoTangle.

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