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RDA (Resource Description and Access)

Implementing RDA: Call for the Alpha Geeks of Library Metadata

"Forget Silicon Valley," writes publisher Tim O'Reilly in a article: It turns out that many of the great waves of creative destruction that have reinvented Silicon Valley didn't start there. More important, they didn't even start with the profit motive. Rather, they started with...

Work on the RDA data model

While munching on a sandwich, I asked Jon Phipps some questions about the Metadata Registry, while Diane Hillmann, Karen Coyle, and Nannette Naught (colored pencils in hand) pored over RDA's Entity Relationship (ER) diagram on 3 x 4 foot sheets. During my first week of the new year, I spent a couple days observing discussions on RDA as a data model. ALA Publishing is working with Metadata...

Out of the Secret Garden: The RDA/DC Initiative

(If you're at ALA Annual Conference/>/> while you're reading this, the RDA Update Forum is Saturday, June 23, 4:00-5:30 at WCC 206.) "Libraries have lost their place as primary information providers, surpassed by more agile (and in many cases wealthier) purveyors of digital information delivery services. Although libraries still manage materials that are not available elsewhere, the...