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February 2006

Smart Libraries Newsletter 26:2OCLC's Open Season on Acquisitions
In the ILS Scoop by Marshall Breeding
"[The] acquisition of Openly Informatics, Inc., follows OCLC PICA's acquisitions of Sisis Informationssysteme (June 2005) and Fretwell-Downing Informatics (November 2005), both currently operating as wholly owned for-profit subsidiaries. As OCLC grows through acquisitions, it becomes involved in an increasingly complex matrix of non-profit, for-profit, and competitive issues."

And by Tom Peters in February...
They Could've Called It "WikiDic"
"Riding the wave—wiki is a Hawaiian work after all, so the allusion to surfing is apt—of the popularity of the Wikipedia and other wikis, the venerable Merriam-Webster company has started a wiki-based open dictionary. ... The official name for this new resource is Merriam-Webster's 'Open Dictionary,' but they could have called it something snazzier, such as Merriam's 'WikiDic.'"

Also by Tom Peters This Month

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