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January 2009

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This MonthSmart Libraries Newsletter January 2009:

Web-Based ILS from Infor
Marshall Breeding reports on Infor's recently launched V-Smart Web-based integrated library system in the January issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter.

"V-smart will take the reigns as the company's premier integrated library system, though support and development of Vubis Smart, which previously served as the company's strategic product, will continue," notes Breeding."

"One of the major advantages to this approach involves less effort for the support of the system," Breeding explains in V-Smart: A New Web-based Library Automation System from Infor. "For products that require the installation of client software, the process of installing and configuring the software and regularly performing updates imposes a significant amount of work for IT personnel....Web-based systems eliminate this component of support, since it relies on the Web browser already present on any library workstation. This simplified support model especially appeals to libraries with branches or other facilities that might otherwise require IT staff to travel to perform installations or upgrades of client software."

And by Tom Peters in January's issue of SLN

  • Librarians of all Ages Want to Learn About Virtual Worlds
    "To better determine if librarians and library staff members would be interested in continuing education events on the broad topic of virtual world librarianship, in late November I worked with Lori Bell, the Director of Innovation at the Alliance Library System, to design a simple, nine-question Web-based survey."

  • Cloud Burst: Cloud Computing with Xpack
    "Cloud computing basically uses the Internet or another network to host most or all of the operating systems, software, documents, and data needed for most computing tasks."

  • Karuna AIDS Island Opens in Second Life
    "On December 1st, Karuna Island in Second Life conducted its grand opening. In and of itself, the grand opening of any 16-acre island in the virtual world Second Life is not particularly newsworthy, but this one had a different feel and urgency about it. Karuna Island is dedicated to AIDS awareness, information, and support."