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May 2009

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This Month:SLN_Jan_09_cvr_graphic_0.jpg   

OCLC Partners with EBSCO to Expand Access to Articles in Worldcat Local

by Marshall Breeding

"In order to be more successful as a discovery interface, OCLC has been working on expanding the reach of WorldCat Local to include ever-larger collections of articles and other resources.

In the world of next-generation discovery interfaces, competitors battle to deliver more and more content through a single search box. OCLC positions WorldCat Local as a next generation library interface, using its massive WorldCat database to provide a novel model of access to library collections rather than Web-based online catalogs tied to the contents of a single library or consortium. WorldCat Local embodies the approach of presenting users with the ability to search against an expansive universe of resources, sorting results so that items available locally appear more prominently than those from more distant locations. This model allows library users to easily discover materials even when they are not held by their local library, with a built-in streamlined approach for requesting materials held in other libraries."

-Marshall Breeding

Also in this Issue

Kindling a Clarification and Expansion of Reader Rights
by Tom Peters

In the last half of February, the TTS function in the Kindle 2 hit a buzz saw of controversy that may have a significant long-term effect on the options available to readers, the libraries and bookstores that serve readers, and the makers of portable electronic reading appliances. Just a day or so after the Kindle 2 was officially released, Roy Blount, Jr. had an op-ed piece published in the New York Times in which he took the Kindle 2 to task for how its TTS feature essentially enabled the reader to enjoy an audio book without compensating authors and other rights holders for use of audio book or performance rights. Blount, mainly an author of humorous books who currently is serving as the president of the Authors Guild, called it the Kindle swindle.