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Cloud Computing for Libraries (11)

by Marshall Breeding

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Gain an understanding of how cloud computing can make library technology more manageable and cost-effective. Cloud computing is used broadly to describe nearly any type of virtualized computing environment where a library relies on a remote hosting environment for a major automation component. It's as much a marketing term as technical one. Marshall Breeding will help you distinguish hype from substance, as you consider the options for moving essential services to the cloud. It's not all or nothing. You can use cloud services selectively, while you locally manage other computing operatons.

Marshall Breeding is director for innovative technologies and research for the Vanderbilt University Libraries. A speaker, writer and consultant, he reports on library technology and vendors for ALA TechSource's Smart Libraries Newsletter, Library Journal, and Computers in Libraries. Follow Marshall on Twitter: @mbreeding.

Marshall Breeding's website Library Technology Guides is an excellent resource for industry news. Use the search term "cloud" and view press releases for vendors' latest offerings. And watch out for the hype!

Marshall wrote in the January 2012 Smart Libraries column "What's in Store for 2012":

Cloud computing will see continued growth, with a high proportion of new library automation projects deployed through software as a service rather than on servers housed in the library. In addition to libraries that implement the new-generation products intrinsically designed for implementation as cloud-based services, many libraries running traditional products will contract for hosting services from the vendor. The library automation economy will continue to evolve away being from one driven by up-front license fees and will become one based more on annual subscriptions.

Marshall talks about the book with Series Editor Ellyssa Kroski.

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Cloud Computing for Libraries