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Illustrations and file downloads


Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians (20)

Robin M. Fay and Michael P. Sauers


Chapter 5 references illustrations that you can view in your browser by clicking the figure labels below.

Spezify Results for “topeka” library”
Spezify Results for “topeka” library” Limited to Tweets
The mentionmap of @msulibraries
Google’s Advanced Scholar Search Page
Google News Timeline for “2011 japanese tsunami” for March 11, 2011
Bing Social Public Updates Search Results for “oslo shooting”
Bing Social Shared Links Search Results for “oslo shooting”
Silobreaker Results for “oslo news”
Silobreaker’s Network Map for “oslo shooting”
Silobreaker Hot Spot Results for “oslo shooting”
Silobreaker Trends Results for “barack obama”
Limiting to CC-Licensed Content in YouTube
Internet Archive Public Domain Search Results
WolframAlpha Results for “what is the homicide rate in lincoln, ne”
WolframAlpha Results for “what is the homicide rate in lincoln, ne vs omaha?”
WolframAlpha “US State Economic Comparisons” Widget
The WolframAlpha “US State Economic Comparision” Results
The Civil War Data 150 Project
Interactive Map: Civil War Conflict History
Interactive Timeplot: New Legal Permanent Residents in the U.S. (per year) vs. U.S. Population vs. U.S. History
Interactive Timeline: The Kennedy Assassination

Chapter 5 references files for download. Click on the labels to access files.

Staff Directory Examples. Below are links to two HTML files that follow examples in the text of the book.

Sample CWD150 Dataset