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ALA TechSource/ALA Editions Workshop Registration Details

To register for an ALA TechSource or ALA Editions workshop, you must purchase your registration through the ALA Store. However, we conduct these Workshops through Cisco Webex, an interactive online platform that allows attendees and instructors to interact and share through chat, voice, and a wide variety of interactive media.

Because the workshops are conducted using this third-party software, the registration process contains an extra step--after purchasing registration at the store, you’ll receive a PDF that will direct you to the event page on our Webex site, where you’ll complete the registration process. The following instructions will take you step-by-step through this process.

Step 1

Purchase Your Registration at the ALA Store.

Once you've found the Workshop you want to attend at the ALA Store, add it to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. You'll need to sign in to your store account to make purcahses, or create an account if you don't have one.


Step 2

When your purchase is complete, you'll see this confirmation page.This page allows you to access the PDF that contains your private event URL and password. To view it, click on the link that says "Download Now". You'll also have the option of accessing this PDF through your confirmation e-mail and your order history.


Note: It is crucial that you view the PDF and follow its instructions at this point in the process in order to complete your registration.

Step 3

The PDF will give you a password and direct you to a URL for the event. Please make a note of the password. You will use it in Step 5. Click on the URL for the event.



You are now on ALA Publishing's Webex site, which will look like this:


Step 4

If you are attending a single-session event, click "Reigister" and go to step 5. If you are attending a multi-session event, click on the program name (i.e. "Using RDA: Moving into the Metadata Future" in the image below and go to step 4a.


Step 4a.

At the page for your multi-session event, be sure to that all sessions are checked, as shown below, then click "Register".



Step 5

You'll be prompted to enter your registration password. Please enter the password that you received with your registration PDF (see step 3).





Step 6

You'll be prompted to enter some information to complete your registration. Please note that the e-mail address you enter in your registration will be the e-mail address that will receive reminder e-mails and access to the live event. When you've entered all of your information, click "Submit".


Step 7

You are now registered for your event! You'll receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. If your event has multiple sessions, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail for each session. This e-mail will allow you to add of the event to your outlook calendar. Please note that this e-mail contains the information you need to access the live event; please do not delete it. You'll also receive a reminder e-mail 24 hours before the event.