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Metadata, Schema.Org, and Getting Your Digital Collection Noticed

Submitted by Patrick Hogan on July 11, 2014 - 11:12am

Editors Note: This post is an excerpt from Improving the Visibility and Use of Digital Repositories Through SEO, by Kenning Arlitsch and Patrick S. OBrien. The authors, along with Montana State colleagues Jason Clark and Scott Young, will be teaching the online course/workshop Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Libraries, which starts July 17.

Metadata schemas are powerful frameworks for organizing content, and libraries have long used them to describe their holdings (think MARC). Numerous schemas exist for academic disciplines: CDWA is used for art, Darwin Core for biology, EML for ecology, DDI for social sciences, and so on. Read More »

Smart Libraries Newsletter

October 2014


Smarter Libraries through Technology

Though a smaller number of library technology products are available today compared to a decade or two ago, the business and development models span a wider range. In the past, more companies were offering more products, but often with little differentiation. Each of the different approaches in play today seems to offer advantages and disadvantages, which will be validated over time.
--Marshall Breeding

In this issue:
  • Kuali OLE Now in Production
  • Kuali Shifts to a Commercial Business Model